Friday, October 17, 2008

Wild Life Spots around Delhi

Staying in Delhi give you a chance to have a look at lot of wildlife options not too far from Delhi. In August on the Independence Day weekend we visited the Bhartpur Bid Sanctuary and just last week to Sariska.( Guess what am visiting Corbett in month end, lucky me).
Both the wild life and bird sanctuary we recently visited have seen revival of resorts this year. Bharatpurt or Ghana or Keoleaodeo Bird Sanctuary as it is called was almost bereft of water, swamps and birds for the last few years because of deficient rains. The migratory birds had almost stopped visiting the park and started looking at other options for nesting and laying eggs. On visiting this year it was heartening to see the park full of water and more of it still coming. We were told that they are going to start boating soon in the park, after a gap of 4-5 years. August is an early time of migration of birds but I was surprised to see the bird colonies of Painted storks, Ibis and other birds in large numbers. There were loas and oads of them and the cackle of the young ones was almost deafening. There were also other birds like kingfisher, snake bird etc. I am sure by ealry winter we will have the park full of different birds including coots, pintails and so on and maybe the elusive Siberian crane.

I would love to talk about Sariska Tiger and Sariska Palace,but it is time for dinner and I am feeling quiet hungry(less than my wife though on this Karva Chauth day). Catch you later.

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