Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Driving on the Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer Highway

On Monday I planned to go to Jaipur for some work and took the NH 8, Delhi-Jaipur Highway early morning. It was wonderful travelling on this wonderful highway as we made it to Jaipur with in 4 hours, but for entering main Jaipur, we took the Jaipur-Ajmer bypass and it was simply wonderful and even better than the Delhi-Jaipur leg. We travelled about 30 km on it and the part of the highway which passed through JAIPUR was on an elevated road passing through one side of the city giveing one a beautiful view of the pink city. Though we had work in Jaipur but the highway being so good we really felt like going all the way to Ajmer. Both sides are covered by a railing and there are no frquent gaps in the road giving a smooth and fast drive.

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