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Good Friday Long Weekend Packages 2014

                                                                   Following up on our last post on various Long Weekends available for holidaying in 2014, we focus today on the long weekend of Good Friday falling on 18th-20th April. Good Friday is a gazzetted holiday and without taking any leave from school or office you can enjoy a stay for 2 nights 3 days, it is weekend with great rush for various resorts around Delhi and a lot of resorts and hotels are already sold out.

        We will like to share the recommended hotels and resorts where rooms are still available for these dates as below


East Bourne Shimla, Deluxe  Rooms starting at Rs 6500/- per night.

Hotel Willow Banks, Rooms starting at Rs 6000/- per night

Oakwood Hamlet Shoghi Bamboo Huts and Mud cottages starting at Rs 5000/- per night

Aamod Bhimtal, rooms starting at Rs 3500/- per night

Kasauli Resorts, rooms starting at Rs 5850/- per night

Country Inns and Suites, Mussoorie, rooms package starting at Rs 18000/- for 2n/3d

Binsar, Kassar Jungle Resort, package starting at Rs 10000/- for 2n/3d.

Wild Life

Corbett - Rooms available at Infinity Resorts, Den Resorts, Country Inn Bhimtal, Wild Exotica and Clarks Corbett. Starting at Rs 4000/- night per couple with all meals. Book early both your rooms and safari.

Sariska Just 4 hrs from Delhi, chance to see a Tiger in all it's glory, stay at Sariska Palcae or the Alwar Bagh. Rooms starting at Rs 3500/- per night

Bharatpur, Bird sanctuary with Deeg Fort and Fethehpur Sikri to visit nearby. Rooms starting at Rs 3000/-

Rantahmbhore, now closer to Delhi with this new route via Alwar and Sikandra. A comfortable 7 hrs drive from Delhi and one of the Tiger Sanctuary giving you the highest chance of Tiger viewing. Possible options include Rantahmbhore Forest Resort, Abrar Jungle Resort, Ranthambhore Regency, Om rudarpriya and more. Rooms starting at Rs 3500/night with all meals.


Rafting at rishikesh - An all time favourite, camps with water toilets and shower rooms with limited electricity, right on the white sand beaches. Packages start at Rs 1500/- per person per night.

Rafting at the Yamuna, enjoy rafting at the Yamuna with stay at Chakrata Camps. Starting at Rs 2000/- per person.

Camping at Dhanotli, Saattal, Bhimtal.

Golden Traingle 

Stay at various resorts close to Delhi, starting at Rs 2000/- per person.

Jaipur- 3-5 star options starting at Rs 2500/- per night with bfast. 5 star options at Rs 4500/night.

Agra - Enjoy 3- 5 star hotels starting at Rs 2800/- per night , 5 star options at Rs 4500/- per night.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Long Weekends 2014 Holiday Plans

                     Long weekends gives holidayers a great opportunity to spend some leisure time with family and friends serving as a great stress buster. Usually these Long weekends have a great rush of tourists and it becomes difficult to book hotel and resort rooms at the last minute.         
Therefore we will like to share the Long Weekends of 2014 in India and present a Holiday Planner 2014 where you can pre plan your Holiday weekends by applying for leave etc well in advance. What we have tried to work out is according to the Indian Holiday Calender the holidays which are falling around a weekend can be combined together or extend the same by taking a leave from office. If it is two nights then you can plan a small weekend getaway around Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc or if you are getting an opportunity of 4-5 nights holiday in some of the dates, you can plan a longer holiday, maybe to Kashmir, South India Itinerary, Darjeeling Trip, Leh Ladhakh Tour, Shirdi tours and more.
Long Weekend Holiday Planner 2014

        The first of the Long Weekend was at Holi in March and one saw a unprecedented rush for holiday packages all over India and specially around Delhi Resorts. We have three Long Weekends coming up in April 2014, these great Holiday options are the Ramnavmi Weekend, Ambedkar jayanti Weekend and the Good Friday Weekend, in the last two you don't need to take any extra leave and can enjoy 3 continuous holidays.

Here are some of the holiday options suitable for a short 2/3 nights break around Delhi depending on the Delhi weather in April.

Corbett and other Wildlife options around Delhi.

Bhimtal, Chail, Shimla  and Other Hill Stations around Delhi.

Jaipur and Agra for some great deals in 5 star hotels

Camping and adventure options around Delhi

Ranthambhore, great place to see a Tiger just 7 hrs drive from Delhi. 

Some off beat places around Delhi.

Srinagar/Kashmir Packages

Goa Packages

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


                Rishikesh is known for White water rafting and the season ususally starts end September and  lasts till June end, stopping at the onset of Monsoon.Continuing our sojourn for guests from all over the country on Camping and Rafting trip to Rishikesh from Delhi, after the first day exposure to camping on the white sand beaches of Rishikesh, day 2 was fixed for white water rafting. According to our survey, more than 80% of our guests were going to do rafting for the first time at the Ganges, Rishikesh. So before the start of the rafting a counselling session was done to allay the fears of participants and answer their queries about the same. Just for our blog readers and enthusiasts in general here below we are listing some of the general queries which were raised about the safety and other aspects about rafting.

Rafting Query 1. Do I need to know swimming?

No, one does not need to know swimming as you are given life jackets and non swimmers can enjoy rafting.

Rishikesh Rafting Query 2. What do I need to carry for rafting and camping at Rishikesh?

Thnigs to carry for camping and rafting
1. Travel light for camping as most camps are 3-500m or more from the closest road and you may to have to carry your luggage, do not carry hard suitcases.
2. A torch light.
3. Shorts and t shirts
4. Floaters
5. A string to secure if you wear glasses
6. Sunscreen lotion
7. Personal medicines

Query 3. How safe is rafting?
Rafting is safe if you follow your instructors, do not go for rafting after drinks etc and also if you are in an exclusion list for rafting (as below)

Query 4. Who all are in the exclusion list for rafting?

1. Children below 12 yrs.
2. Pregnant ladies
3. People with medical conditions like high blood pressure
4. People in an inebriated state.

For any other queries you can mail us at and we will post the replies here.

             After clearing the queries and taking consent rafters were divided into groups of 8 and given life jackets and crash helmets to wear. They were also told about pedaling,back pedaling etc by the instructor. Each raft has one to two instructors, they also carry a waterproof dry bag to carry your mobiles,cameras etc.
            Marine Drive was the starting point for the rafting group which was going to raft down till NIM beach, Rishikesh approximately 26 km. From Marine Drive to Shiv Puri we encounter Grade I and II rapids starting with good morning, black money and three blind mice. The initial parts may be a bit scary for the first timers but as rafting progresses the adrenaline builts up and you start looking for your next rapid. (Rapid Classification) Rafting is a one of the best team building exercise and you need to work as a team specially when encountering rapids to keep the raft stable and handle the rapid well. Maximum work of pedaling and direction has to be done by the people sitting in the front and you may need to replace the front runners if they feel tired. The rafting group took a small break at Shiv Puri where you can rehydrate yourself or use the loo if required. 
            Immediately  after restarting from Shiv Puri you come across 'Return to Sender' an interesting rapid where you have go back all the way if you don't do it the right way. Other Grade III rapids one encounters are Golf Course and Roller Coaster. As the Ganges calms down you also get a chance to jump into the river with a secure rope and swim n enjoy in the river. Our group also stopped enroute at a sandy bank to bask in the sun. After great excitement the rafting finally came to an end at Nim beach. The buses were waiting on the road side to get us back to the camp. The group rested after a delicious lunch and in the evening it was back to bon fire, music and lots of masti.
Next Day morning it was back to Delhi with lunch being arranged on the way back. Everybody really enjoyed the stay, food and activities, especially rafting and carried back sweet memories to home.
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