Wednesday, October 17, 2012


                   We have done many camping and Rafting groups at Rishikesh, but this group in October of 2012 was special as it was probably for the first time that any travel company  was attempting to host about 250 people in the camps at Rishikesh at one go. So Thursday 'Around Delhi' started trips to the station and Airport to pickup clients and transfer them to a place where dinner was arranged for them. A total of eight 27 seater deluxe buses were used and it was a smooth transit with the help of the client's Travel Team. Around 11:30 pm we started from the common hall in east Delhi and crossed the UP border by midnight. Some of the team members had already reached Rishikesh camps the day before to oversee the preparations for the group. A total of 3 camps were hired near Shiv Puri and a total of about 85 camps were engaged on double and triple sharing. The buses started reaching the camps by about 5:30 in the morning and pickup for luggage was arranged as the buses were parked on the main highway while the camps were about 100m away on the riverside beach. Smaller vehicles can reach the camps directly.

                      The camps used were one of the best in the Rishikesh area with access to the beach and also a side stream of the Ganges river. Camps at Rishikesh ( in fact the area where the camps are put up may be 2-25 km from Rishikesh in places like Shiv Puri, Byasi, Marine Drive, Kaudiyala etc) are put every year from October onwards after the Ganges river water recedes creating a beach on the riverside with white sand. There is generally no electricity at the camps and lanterns, torches etc are used for illumination after sunset. Some of the camps have limited electricity connections like ours. No loud music etc is allowed at the camps and they are quiet eco friendly. Staying at these camps on the riverside with a beautiful beach in the tents is a exhilarating experience in itself bringing you close to nature and relaxing your mid, body and soul.

                    The first meal to be served to the guest was the bfast and it was a challenge to serve so many people in one go, but with the help of the owner and staff of the camps and 'Around Delhi' team it was well managed and the food quality was much appreciated. The client wanted to do a small conference for about 3-4 hrs for all it's employees and as no such area is available to host about 250 people we chose an area a little far from the camps where using a gen set was allowed. A shamiana set up had been put up with chairs,table, fans etc on the day before and the challenge was to use a Projector in that area which was quiet bright in day time. One part of the tent was some how made dark after a lot of 'jugaad' and it became just about feasible to see the slide presentation. Though not quiet akin to a Conference hall but it served the purpose and lunch was served closeby. Various games like Tug of war, beach volleyball, treasure hunt etc were organised in the post lunch session to keep the guests engaged.

                      As soon as the Sun goes down at the camps it is a different atmosphere altogether, suddenly the temperature drops by say 10 degrees and the breeze becomes cooler and soon you will be searching for jackets/woolens etc. As the sun goes down and night comes over you are transposed into a different World altogether. Cool breeze, sound of the river thrashing against the stones, a dark sky with number of stars visible in one square feet equal to what you see in the complete horizon in any Metro city and the chirping of the birds makes you completely forget your daily work and worries. A perfect evening to enjoy with friends or family. Guests are served evening tea and then evening snacks. An evening trek/night trek was arranged for some of the guests. We went for an early dinner at Rishikesh camps as the next day was fixed for rafting and the whole group was eagerly awaiting and looking forward to that moment. The simple but tasty dinner in the lights of petromax, laltains (lanters) and one CFL was really appreciated and it was all set to welcome the next morning. (coming soon- Day 2-Rafting at Rishikesh)

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