Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sariska,Rajasthan-Tigers are back

Continuning from where I left from last time about Wildlife resorts around Delhi. Went to Sariska, near Alwar on 2nd weekend of October as one of my clients Mr. Minood was doing a workshop at Sarisaka Palace on 'Rebirthing'. Sariska is a cool 3 1/2 hours drive from Delhi via Alwar(190k). Sariska is famous for it's Tiger Wild life sanctuary. Sariska and gone out of favour of wild life lovers as Sariska had lost all it's tigers to poachers and other risk fastors. It was only recently in September that a Tiger and a tigeress were airlifted from Ranthambhore, another tiger sanctuary and relocated to Sariska. That has brought life back to this Sanctuary after a long time, making it the closest place to watch Tigers Delhi. So in a way it is 'Rebirthing' for this almost dead Tiger Sanctuary. Though there are only two tigers at Sariska, people have already had sightings and close to the metalled road for that. So does't matter if you only have two days with you, start on Saturday morning from Delhi or Jaipur and stay for only one night and go watch the jungle and be back on Sunday to face the World, afresh. As far as stay is concerned, Sariska doen't give you too may options. The only worthwhile place to stay is Sariska Palace, a heritage property now converted into a hotel. It is all of 100 acres and beautiful lawns are really inviting with great rooms and food. It is a little on the costly side but look from some great offers from us at Though we did not have enough luch this time but still we saw lots of neel gai, spotted dear, langurs, monitor lizard, wild boar and lots of birds too. So I feel Sariska is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi and Jaipur. For bookings contact us at Around Delhi-Sariska Bookings
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