Monday, February 1, 2010

Kikar Lodge near Chandigarh

                                    Did a conference for a client at Kikar Lodge near Chandigarh(70k, 300k from Delhi). We started on Wednesday night on a Volvo having fears of the North India fog in our hearts. The journey was quiet smooth till Ambala and we made good time, after that a stretch of about 10k brought our heart in our mouth. On that day I realized what is "zero" visibility in actual terms, nothing was visible, not even the white lines in the middle of the road till you were on them. And the outside temperature must be close to 2-3 deg C, slowly we crawled at 10-15k speed and heaved  a sigh of relief as it cleared up. Still we were ahead of time and reached Chandigarh in about 4 hrs, Volvo does make good time on the road and the journey is jerk free. Kikar Lodge is a jungle resort beyond Ropar away from all habitation, we reached in about 2 hrs from Chandigarh. One has to make it's way first though a small village and then a kucha track to reach Kikar Lodge. The first impression if of beautiful cottages in a green setup with small hills all around, the set up is just perfect and you can smell the freshness in the air. The resort gives you a jungle feel at the same time giving you comfortable and luxurious stay. As it is not big, only 30 tents and cottages, it can never get too crowded. After a hearty breakfast the group went into the conference we planned to explore the resort and the surrounding areas. 
                            There is a lot you can do at Kikar Lodge, go for the spa treatment by trained staff, sauna and steam treatment, dip in any of the two big sized pools, read some thing in the quaint little library or play a game of ping pong or pool. For adventure seekers there are soft treks all around, trek to the famous Kikar tree, a small trek up the hill and you are rewarded with a beautiful view a the top. Go for quad biking or rock climbing or obstacle course, there is also a night safari in the surrounding jungle area. For foodies there are ample amount of thing available in the buffet or order ala carte plus of course a well stocker bar. Kikar Lodge  turns out to be a perfect place for conferences as it is quiet, has a good conference hall and even lawns can be used for a discussion. Similarly, it is also suitable for training programmes and all with great outdoors. For young couples and families it is quiet, luxurious, close to nature and offers a lot to do, plus it is not too far, you can easily make it in about 6 hrs from Delhi. Last day of the stay, the group planned to prepare a jungle lunch on their own with a little help from us at Around Delhi and the resort. In the end it turned out to be a great outing for the group which I am sure they will cherish for a long tome to come.
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